Eat in or take out

Croissant with butter jam or Nutella £2
Toast (brown and white) with jam and butter £2
Bacon and Brie croissant £3.95
Plain Omelette £3.95
Cheese Omelette £4.95
Porridge (served with oat milk, topped with fresh fruit – vegan) £4.95
Number 9 pancakes (Streaky Bacon, Golden Syrup & Fruit Compote (Add fresh fruit for £1) £6.95
Breakfast Stottie (choice of 2 fillings) £4.95
Vegan bun V (Vegetarian Sausage in a Brioche Style bun) £4.95
British breakfast (2 Rashers of Bacon, 2 Pork Sausage, Egg, Beans, Black Pudding, Mushrooms, Tomato, 2 Hash Browns & Toast) £8.95
Veggie breakfast (2 Vegetarian Sausages, Fried Egg, Beans, Mushrooms, Tomato, 2 Hash Browns & Toast) £8.95
Avocado and eggs (Poached Eggs, Toasted Sourdough Ciabatta and Crushed Avocado) £6.95
Eggs royal (Poached Eggs, Toasted Sourdough Ciabatta, Smoked Salmon & Hollandaise Sauce) £6.95
Eggs Benedict (Poached Eggs, Toasted Sourdough Ciabatta, Bacon & Hollandaise Sauce) £6.95
Eggs Halloumi V (Poached Eggs, Toasted Sourdough Ciabatta, Halloumi & Hollandaise Sauce) £6.95
Eggs Florentine V (Poached Eggs, Toasted Sourdough Ciabatta, Spinach & Hollandaise Sauce) £6.95
Vegan breakfast (2 Vegetarian Sausages, Avocado, Spinach, Beans, Hash Browns, Tomato and Toast) £8.95
Clean and lean (Poached Eggs, Roast Tomatoes, Steamed Mushrooms, Avocado, Spinach & Wholemeal Toast) £8.95

Breakfast extras
Black Pudding
Roast Tomatoes
Hash Browns
Hollandaise Sauce

£1 each

Children’s Breakfast

Eat in or take out

Egg in a Cup with buttered soldiers £2.95
Scrambled Egg and buttered toast £2.95
Mini Me Breakfast – bacon, egg, sausage & Beans £3.95
Number9 pancakes with golden syrup and fresh fruit £3.95
Toast & Butter £1.50 (add jam 50p)
Fresh Fruit in a bowl £ £2.95
Porridge £2.95
Beaker of Milk 50p
Baby chino (Hot Frothy milk dusted with chocolate powder) £1